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Monday, 29 May 2017

Henry Moore Studios & Gardens

This is my second post from my recent visit to the display of sculptures by Henry Moore at Perry Green. My first post can be found here
The Wall: Background for Sculpture Bronze 1962

Upright Motive No.5 Bronze, 1955-56

Upright Motive No.7 Bronze, 1955-56

Relief No.1 Bronze 1959

Large Totem Head Bronze 1968

Square Form with Cut Concrete 1969

My first post can be found here
The Henry Moore website can be found here

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Friday, 26 May 2017

Henry Moore

I spent Thursday at the Henry Moore Studios & Garden located a few miles from where I live. I deliberately picked a very bright day with a high contrast, not a photographer’s first choice but I like playing with the light by shooting directly into the sun and I felt that these sculptures would lend themselves to this approach. Anyway, I intend to visit this collection more than once so next time I may well pick a wet day to pick out the patina along with the colouring. A strong cloudy sky may also work.

Most of the sculptures have an obvious front, back & sides I have also deliberately looked for the less obvious way to view each piece, as a consequence there are some very interesting results.   

This is the first post at the studios, my second post can be found here
Double Oval Bronze, 1966.

Locking Piece Fibreglass 1962-63 until May
Bronze 1963 from May

Two Piece Reclining Figure Bronze 1979-81

Women Bronze 1957-58

Knif Edge Two Piece Bronze 1962-65

Family Group Bronze 1948-49

Three Piece Reclining Figure: Draped Bronze 1975

The Arch Broze 1979-81

Large Upright Internal External Form

Reclining Figure Bronze 1984
This is the most spectacular & my favourite of all the work on display. It is in the sheep field beyond the gardens, to get there you must walk through the woodland. Every so often you get a glimpse of the work in the distance sitting on the top of a small hill. Once you have arrived in the field you have a short walk to get up close to the sculpture. The hill helps to give the piece the big sky that it needs to view the work at its best. 
Reclining Figure Bronze 1984

Sheep Piece Bronze 1971-72

I had a very enjoyable day and I highly recommend this as a great family day out. I will be returning soon to look round the studios, there is so much to see.

This is the first post at the studios, my second post can be found here

The Henry Moore website can be found here

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