Sunday, 30 April 2017

East Anglian Rocketry Society EARS

We visited the launch site of the East Anglian rocketry society today but due to the strong winds they were only launching a few small rockets to a low altitude, a maximum of 2000ft. I will return another day and see if I can get some shots of them launching some of their larger rockets. See their website here
The Launch Pad

Medium size rockets

They are a very friendly bunch, ready to share their enthusiasm and passion with all visitors, of all ages.  They have a special area where children can assemble a small rocket then go to the launch pad and fly it.
Preparation HQ

Model of a V2 

Launch Control with a lockable safety key.

The Launch Pad with the Lunch Boss in charge.

Preparing to Launch 

The Launch

One of the Rocketeers, these guys know their stuff and are so safety conscious. 

"To Boldly Go"

Difficult to follow as they are so quick, I needed to start taking pictures as the countdown gets to 1.

Medium size rocket makes a lot more noise & climbs very quickly.  

Roger, we have lift off.

Back to Earth by Parachute 
© Lionel Callow 2017

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Ayot St Lawrence Churches

 This is the story of two churches, the new St Lawrence Church in the village of Ayot St Lawrence.
First of all the new one was designed and constructed by Sir Lionel Lyde around 1775, built in 1778. This church is very unusual it looks like a Greek temple. Full details here.

Then the old St Lawrence Church in the village of Ayot St Lawrence. Apparently when Sir Lionel decided to build the new church he first started by dismantling the old one, without permission. The Full Story Here

© Lionel Callow 2017

Shaw's Corner

We visited George Bernard Shaw’s house at St Lawrence, just outside Welwyn, Hertfordshire.

The knocker on the door is a representation of Bernard Shaw.

This hut was Shaw’s writing study at the bottom of his garden called London. It has a swivel base so that it could be turned into the light. We were told that if he did not wish to be disturbed the staff would answer the phone and say that they were sorry but he is not available because he is in London.

© Lionel Callow 2017