Monday, 23 January 2017

Foggy & Frosty day Hatfield Forest

The weather forecast predicted a very foggy & frosty day where I live so I was up bright and early heading for my local wood.  This was my first really good foggy day for some years so I was doing a lot of experimenting. Fog allows you to look at a familiar landscape with a different eye, it acts as a filter on the landscape, you see things you had not noticed before. A great day.

© Lionel Callow 2017

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Old Leigh-on-Sea

After my trip to Southend I went onto Old Leigh to catch the sunset.  

  © Lionel Callow 2017


Friday was a very bright day so I took a trip to Southend, the town of my birth and youth. Having lived there until my mid twenty’s I have a good knowledge of this seaside town. Once upon a time Southend was a very popular summer day out for Londoners maybe even taking their annual holidays there.  As a local the real joy of this town is in the winter when all the hamburger sellers, pub owners & kiss-me-quick hat sellers are taking their holidays on the Spanish Costas. When I lived there with my young family there was nothing better than a Sunday walk along the seafront on a cold but sunny day in January. On this visit I concentrated on the popular seafront area which at this time of the year is almost closed down. There is some wonderful architecture along the seafront particularly on Pier Hill and the cliffs.

 Palace Hotel 

I met this guy on the top of the cliffs near the high street. I tried to grab a candid shot of him, he was standing exactly as per my first shot but he moved before I could press the shutter so I approached him and asked if he would re-strike this pose and he was happy to help out I then took the second shot of him close up. I find that if you politely engage with people they are normally happy to cooperate but you can also meet some very nice people like this guy & we had a very interesting conversation.  

Southend's Cliff Funicular Railway built in 1901 so now 1016 years old and still going strong.

Palmera Ave. This is one of the well known buildings in the area.

© Lionel Callow 2017

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A Frosty Day at Hatfield Forest

This morning was a beautiful bright frosty day unfortunately I had another commitment so it was nearly eleven clock before I could get out with my camera. So I headed to my nearest country park fortunately there was still a fair amount of frost for me to work with. 

© Lionel Callow 2017