Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Wimpole Estate

Last Sunday we took a stroll around Wimpole‘s grounds. Using my Fuji X-T1 with it’s small 18-54mm lens I can see that landscapes are going to be a bit of a stretch for this lens. I have just received today the superior 50-140mm 2.8 & I can already see that this is going to be for the time being my lens of choice even though it does defeat the small neat size of the camera. This piece of glass weighs twice as much as the camera itself and doubles the size of the camera with the power grip. The last few shots in this blog were taken very quickly of the next door’s cat, Lilly in my garden today.
Taken with the Fuji X-T1 fitted with the 18-55mm 1:2.8-4

The shots below were taken with the Fuji X-T1 fitted with the 50-140mm 1:2.8

© Lionel Callow 2015

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Cambridge Camera Club Portrait Group

A few shots from last night’s portrait session with the Cambridge Camera Club our model was Laura Draycon, she has been a full time model for two years. Working with professional models makes a world of difference in both the number of shots and the quality you get in a session. There were eight members of the CCC present last evening which is just about the right number so that everyone gets a fair amount of time on the set.

© Lionel Callow 2015